Low Rent Public Housing

Low Rent Public Housing

  • The public housing program was established in 1937 to provide decent and safe rental housing for low-income families funded by the Federal Government.
  • The Public Housing Program provides affordable housing to more than 600 residents of the City of Las Cruces.
  • A resident’s rent in the Public Housing Program is subsidized by the federal government and is usually calculated at 30 percent of the household’s adjusted monthly income. Applicants to the Public Housing Program must be income eligible and residents must adhere to program rules.
  • MVPHA manages four public housing locations with 249 low rent public housing units throughout the City of Las Cruces as follows:
  1. Tres Arboles – 64 units (Multifamily)
  2. San Pedro Place – 38 units (Elderly/Disabled)
  3. Walnut Grove – 100 units (Multifamily)
  4. Jardines Alegres – 47 units (Elderly/Disabled)

Tres Arboles – 1011 Ash Avenue







San Pedro Place – 926 S San Pedro







Walnut Grove – 1091 S Walnut






Jardines Alegres – 1304 Bon Burt Lane