Commissioner Joseph Anthony Figueroa is the sole resident commissioner that sits on the MVPHA Board of Commissioners. A New York native, Figueroa has lived in Las Cruces since 2008 and currently resides in the San Pedro complex. He is a retired plumber, carpenter and electrician.

His community involvement dates back to his time in New York when he worked for a group called “Community Voices”. Starting as a volunteer then promoted to manager, Figueroa’s role involved leading a grassroots effort to inform residents, residing in apartment complexes, about the importance of voting.

He says his life experiences and challenges he has had to overcome in life give him some insight when connecting to people, and helping others is what is most gratifying.

“I believe that if I can help at least one family, I’ve met my goal. I want to give people a voice,” said Figueroa. “Making a difference makes it all worthwhile.”

The Commissioner has three daughters, one son and seven grandchildren.

He enjoys crocheting and spending time with his rescue cat Walo. You’ll also find him participating in Bible study every Saturday night.